Hi everybody, im the beautifull and magnificent Caroline Madison. I'm SO Rich!

My likesEdit

1) Being mean with the coolio 13 (they deserv it)

2) Bulling Taylor 

3) Being beautiful (i do it all the time)

4) Singing (of course im better than the coolio 13)

5) Playing with my beautiful hair

6) Choosing my clothes

7) Talking with my wannabes (i mean "friends")

8) Watching myself in the mirror

9) writing songs (about myself)

10) listening my own songs (cause they're great)

11) Unfollowing Dumb People on twitter that my Wannabe's (I mean Friends) Chose

12) Turning down date requests from dumb people

My  dislikesEdit

1) Taylor (UGH! i hate hate hate hate hate Taylor)

2) rossay

3) zendaya

4) vally

5) Ali

6) bradley

7) marley

8) mykaela

9) Alex (he's dating Taylor's stupid best friend claire when he could be dating ME!!)

10) claire

11) How The coolio 13 twitter and Instagram have more followers than Mwua

12) How Ali Took away my Mansion with her dad

13) Lucas (He's Cute and dating ALI Not me)

14) Rose (Alex's First Kiss and Bradley's GF)

15) Austin (OH PLEASE! he's REALLY cute, but he prefers to hang out with them!)

16) Ally (she's austin's stupid girlfriend)

17) how everybody thinks Ally's prettier than me!

About my ifeEdit

I live in miami, im beautiful, a great singer and i always get what i want.


this is me!