• Zendaya, Ali, Cat and Taylor come into the house*

Ali: ok, that was weird

Zendaya:weird? He even knew our names!!

Cat: I know, that was creepy

Taylor: don’t worry, he’s helping us to set Austin and ally up, don’t forget that

Mykaela: what are you guys talking about?

Bradley: what happened to you?

Cat: it’s a long story, you remember Austin and Ally?

Marley: yes, what about them?

Ali: well, they weren’t a couple

Taylor: they were “that” kind of friends

Gigi: oh!!!

Zendaya: so we were talking about set them up

Cat: but then some random dude called us, and he said he was gonna help us to set them up

Valley: what the heck?

ALI: he was Austin’s best friend, he told us that he wanted Austin to be happy, so he was gonna help us to set him up with ally

Gigi: okay……

Cat: yup!

Zendaya: he also said he needed more help

Taylor: guys, are you in?

Gigi: hum mm... Yes, why not? *smiles*

Vally: I love romance, sure!

  • Alex comes into the room*

Alex: hello people!! *goes with Claire* hello beautiful!

Taylor: aww, see that? I want Austin and ally to be as happy as Claire and Alex! Everybody deserves love!

Everybody: IM IN!!

Alex: hum mm… What are we talking about?

Cat: we’re gonna try to set Austin and ally up!

Alex: who?

Taylor: UGH! I’m telling you the rest in the car, EVERYBODY, LETS GO TO THE CLAYTAY MOBILE!!

Cat: I’m driving the car!

Bradley: no, you drove the car the last time, now’s my turn

Cat: once it becomes the Braytay mobile, you’ll drive, till then IM DRIVING!!

Bradley: ugh!!

  • at the mall*

Alex: so… this guys are… in love?

Gigi: yes, everybody but them knows it

Alex: ok! I guess I’m in!


Vally: AWESOME!!

Dez: *grabbing a baby kangaroo*PSSSSS!!! Guys, come over here!!

Zendaya: I think he found his kangaroo

Alex: WHAT THE- *gets cut by Taylor*

Taylor: ALEX!!!!

Alex: sorry! Ali: wait, you were about to say….


Dez: ok, I think we all know why we’re here!

Gigi: to make a plan about how to set Austin and ally up, right?

Dez: NO! We’re making a party to celebrate that I finally found my baby kangaroo!!

Zendaya: hum mmm why don’t we celebrate later?

Dez: ugh! Fine!

Taylor: so, what’s the plan? “Love whisper”

Dez: thanks Tay, this is the plan: I need a girl to ask Austin out!

Gig: WAIT, WHY?!?

Dez: cause we need ally to get jealous!!

Zendaya: OH!

Taylor: you should ask him out Zend!

Zendaya: WAIT, WHY ME!?!?

Vally: cause you are… hummmm


Cat: YUP!

Zendaya: awwwww thanks guys! I don’t think I am but if you said do, then I’ll ask him out!

Dez: perfect, now, Claire, Taylor and Ali, you guys are gonna make sure ally gets jealous, ok?

Ali: sure!

Bradley: what are we gonna do?

Dez: ok, the rest is gonna help me with something else

Alex: with what?

Dez: *evil laugh* I’ll tell you later

Taylor: hum… ok?

Cat: lets start, Zend, you should ask Austin out, right now

Zendaya: ok, I will

  • at sonic boom*

Austin: BECAUSE 7,8,9!!!!

Ally: *poker face* Austin, that was the worst joke EVER!!!

Austin: ok, miss smarty pants, you tell me a joke!

Ally: hum mmm… wait, seven ate nine, NOW I GET IT!! *laugh*

Trish: whatever now get ready for the best joke in the history of comedy!

  • zendaya, Taylor, Claire and Ali come into sonic boom*

Ali: hey guys!!

Ally: hey!

Cat: what are you doing?

Austin: Nothing, what about you?

Taylor: nothing

Zendaya: hum… Austin?

Austin: yes?

Zendaya: listen, I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out someday.

Austin: sure! What would you like to do?

Taylor: *whispering* he likes zombies

Zendaya: hum... well, maybe we could go to the movie teather this Sunday and watch “killing zombies 2”

Austin: wait, do you like zombies!?

Zendaya: are you kidding me, I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!

Austin: awesome, it’s a date!

Zendaya: GREAT!

  • Sunday*

Ally: I can’t believe Austin is having a date with zendaya

Trish: what’s wrong about it?

Ally: I don’t know it’s just weird!

Trish: don’t you think you may…

Ally: what!?!? Of course not!!

Trish: ok!

  • Austin comes into the room wearing a white t-shirt, a black jacket, black jeans, red converse, and a red tie *

Ally: wow Austin… you look…

Trish: hot?

Ally: TRISH!!!

Austin: don’t worry; I’m glad you guys think so, I want this date to be perfect, zendaya’s really pretty!

Ally: PFFF!!

Austin: PFFF?

Ally: never mind!

  • zendaya comes into the room wearing a white and black dress, a red necklace and red heels *

Austin: awwwww, we match!

Zendaya: right! *smiles at him*

Austin: I think we should leave

Zendaya: ok!

  • Austin and zendaya leave*
  • Ali, Claire and Taylor come into sonic boom*

Taylor: *whispering* guys, lets do this Ali: awwwww zendaya and Austin look so cute together

Cat: totally, they’re the perfect couple, don’t you think so ally?

Ally: well…

Taylor: what’s wrong ally?

Ally: PFFF! Me? A problem? PFFF!!

Ali: oh please, you can tell us!


Trish: hum mmm… Ally?

Ally: WHAT?!?

Ali: hum, we think you…

Taylor: that maybe…..

Ally: come on guys, just tell me!

Cat: we think you’re jealous


Trish: then why you’re so mad at Austin’s date with zendaya?

Ally: cause………….

Taylor: come on, say it!


Cat: does that mean that you have a crush in Austin?

Ally: I guess so

Ali: don’t worry, that’s great!

Ally: no! It’s not, he’ll never feel the same way, do you have any idea how hard it when you like somebody who doesn’t like you back!!?

Taylor: don’t worry, I swear everything’s gonna be ok!

Ally: why you’re so sure?

Cat: we can’t tell you yet, but don’t worry

Ally: wait, what?

Ali: *laughs* you’ll see it later

  • at Zendaya’s fake date*

Austin: OMG! That zombie looks SO real!

Zendaya: I know, for a second I thought he was gonna jump out of the screen and eat us!!

Austin: I KNOW!!

  • Zendaya’s phone start ringing*

Zendaya: Austin, I’m going out for a second, I need to answer

Austin: ok! *smiles at her*

Zendaya: Taylor, how’s everything going?


Zendaya: GREAT! hey don’t take me wrong way, your cousin’s a really nice guy and he’s totally a gentlemen but I already want this date to get over!

Taylor: hold on! You’re doing a magnificent job, once the movie gets over go with him to a restaurant, talk to him and try to find out if he likes ally.

Zendaya: ok!

Taylor: thanks Zend, you rock!!

Zendaya: *laugh* I know!!

Taylor: *laugh*

Zendaya: *goes back with Austin*

Austin: hey, the movie is almost finishing

Zendaya: I know, would you like to go somewhere else once it finishes?

Austin: sure!!

  • at jerry’s*

Zendaya: so… do you like cupcakes?

Austin: a lot! But I prefer pancakes, actually I LOVE pancakes!

Zendaya: *laughs* wow!

  • at the table number 5 with Dez, Vally, Alex, Bradley, Mykaela, and Marley *

Marley: what are we going to do?

Dez: HOLD ON!!

Bradley: we have been holding on for the last 6 hours!!

Vally: TELL US!!!

Dez: ok I’m telling you the plan listen *************

  • at the table number 3 with Austin and Zendaya*

Zendaya: what do you like to do in your free time?

Austin: I love to write songs with ally!

Zendaya: nice, and what about school?

Austin: UGH!! I hate it, but at least ally’s always helping me with exams, homework, etc.

Zendaya: cool! So you and ally are really good friends?

Austin: TOTALLY she’s the best!!

Zendaya: ok, listen I need to wash my hands

Austin: sure!

  • at the bathroom*


Cat: REALLY!!!

Zendaya: FOR SURE!!!!!

Taylor: then what are we waiting for? Lets continue!!!

  • At the table 9 with Ally, Claire, Trish, Ali, and Taylor*

Ally: guys, what are we doing here?

Taylor: look over there! *points to zendaya and Austin*

Ally: what!?!? What are we doing here!?!?

Trish: you’ll see

Zendaya: Austin, what time is it?

Austin: hum…. 9:00 o’clock

Zendaya: OMG! I’m very sorry but I need to leave right now, I don’t want my parents to get nervous

Austin: don’t worry, I really had fun with you tonight *smiles*

Zendaya: me too

Austin: *leans in*

Zendaya: hum…. Austin, listen.

Austin: what’s wrong?

Zendaya: I don’t think anything between you and I could work

Austin: why?

Zendaya: well, this has been the funniest date in my life and you’re a really nice guy, but…

Austin: come on, you can tell me!

Zendaya: we have been talking together and I think you may, even if you don’t think so, have a little crush in ally

Austin: *poker face*

Zendaya: see that, you’re a great guy Austin, just, not for me *kisses Austin’s cheek and leaves*

Austin: me? Ally?

Trish: go now!!!!!!!

Ally: what!?!?

Taylor: just go with him!!!!

Ally: guys!!!

Cat: do it!!!

Ally: UGH! Ok!!

Ally: hum… Hi Austin, I thought you were in your date with zendaya?

Austin: oh, hi ally, she had to leave

Ally: well… hey, can I sit here with you?

Austin: of course! *smiles*

  • Taylor goes to the stage*

Taylor: hey people!!!!!!

Crowd: whoohoo!!!!!!

Taylor: I’m Taylor and I’m gonna sing for you a song from my cousin Austin moon its call “the way that you do” *starts singing*

Ally: would you like to dance

Austin: *laughs* you don’t know how

Ally: but Taylor’s playing it slowly so, it’s a slow dance, come one! I’m bored *laughs*

Austin: ok!!

  • They start dancing*

Austin’s pov: wow, ally looks so beautiful tonight, she actually looks like a princes, and I just love her smile, WAIT, WHAT!?!? What am I thinking!?!?

  • latter at Austin’s house*
  • Austin’s phone starts ringing*

Dez: hey man, how was your date with zendaya?

Austin: well….

Dez: what?

Austin: ok, everything was perfect, I took zendaya to jerry’s and I was about to kiss her but then she said that she thought I had a crush in ally and she leaved, then ally came to my table and we danced together and… get ready for this.

Dez: WHAT!?!?