YO!!!! im Rose, im Bradley's girlfriend, im new here but Taylor, Ali; claire, Zendaya, Vally, Gigi, Marley, Mykaela, and Rossay are the coolest girls i know, they're awesome and im glad Bradley has those kind of friends 

My likesEdit

1) Bradley

2) music (i play the keyboard)

3) skateboarding

4) spend time with my friends

5) Facebook

6) my celphone (i would die without it)

7) playing guitar (im not really good but im learning)

8) sleeping

9) eating

10) listening music (specialy the coolio 8's music)

My dislikesEdit

1) mean people

2) Justin Bibber

3) One direction

4) the word paper (?)

6)  .... idk

About myselfEdit

I love a lot of things and i really whish i wouldnt hate anything but well... you cant have everything right? bradley and i have been toghter for 3 months

this is me!! :D!