Taylor Charlie (Taylor Charlotte)Edit

Hi everybody, im Taylor charlie914 well known as Taylor or Tay tay, im one of the admins of this page, im also one of the writters of all the stories in this page (with Agirlxoxo, well known as Ali).

My likesEdit

1) i love skateboarding

2) i like A LOT pizza

3) i love writting (my biggest dream is to become a writter)

4) i love R5

5) i like surfing and swimimg

6) i LOVE playing guitar

7) im in love with auslly (austin + ally)

8) i love my dog, it's call Austin

9) i love music

10) i have some kind of unhealty obssesion with Taylor swift and Ariana grande

11) i love my friends (seriously, there's nothing i couldn't do for my friends)

My dislikesEdit

1) i hate people who act like somebody they're not

2) i hate hatters

3) i hate school

4) i hate my spanish teacher

5) i hate my school's principal

6) i hate the number 7 (?)

7) i hate 1D (sorry directioners)

8) i hate Justin Bibber (sorry believers)

9) i hate the color yellow (its a long story Pm me if you wanna know)

10) i hate violence

About my lifeEdit

i live in mexico, i speak spanish and english, i have a crush on my best GUY friend, my favorite book its "dark lord" by Jamie thompson and my favorite movie is pride and prejudice.

Im 13 years old, im a little bit dumb and weird (but in a good way)


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