1. Ali Valentine
  2. Taylor charlie914
  3. Austinshipsally 
  4. Mrs.NiallHoran13
  5. HelloKittyR5
  6. Rossome:)
  7. YayMusicalCupcake
  8. Megan Simms
  9. Bradleycollins1212
  10. Zendayagomezfan

About AliEdit

Shes nice and very passionate about singing. Ali is very nice and shes in Coolio 13. And shes a singer. She is fun and funny too. She is VERY sensitive though at the same time. MUSIC AND R5 IS HER LIFE IN WONDERLAND!!!! She Loves Her BF Lucas. Her Sisters are Vally, Zendaya,Cat, and Tay tay. Her Cousin is Ally! She really sweet, cute, a great singer and bubbly. She hates Justin Bibber (as much as her sisster Taylor does) and she also hate caroline (as much as the entire coolio 13 does)

 About TaylorEdit

She is a funny girlie and she's a great singer. Shes the singer/songwriter of Coolio 13. People call her Tay Tay. Taylor has a passion for writing and wants to be a professional writer one day. Her bestie Cat help her write songs. Taylor is a player but she has never cheated on a guy, she's also Austin's cousin. Taylor's adopted but she loves her step brother Alex like he was her real brother, she has a special handshake with every member of the coolio 13

About CatEdit

She's a funny,random,bubbly,happy,sweet,caring and friendly girlie.She loves to sing,dance and act.Music and R5 is her life.She's a singer and songwriter in Coolio 13.She's related to Claire Laura Valentine. Her friend Taylor helps her to wite the coolio 13's songs. She's an amazing singer and a great friend. She's dating Taylor's step brother Alex, thay have a really cute relationship. She hates caroline, and her wannabes (she dosent actually hates Caroline's wannabes, she just wants them to be themselves).  

About Marley Edit

She is a funny, shy and talented girl. She is in the Coolio 13's and plays the piano. She loves Music and her boyfriend Justice