Chat moderator
  • I live in The faction of Erudite!
  • I was born on January 21
  • My occupation is Full-time Beatlemaniac and Ryley Shipper
  • I am a Unicorn (:
  • Mrs.NiallHoran13

    Cat: Hey guys!

    Marley: Hey Cat...

    Ali: What's wrong Marley?

    Marley: With us being on tour I just... Miss my boyfriend.

    Tay Tay: WOAH! BACK THE PICK UP TRUCK UP! you have a boyfriend?!

    Gigi: Yeah! The guy who looks like Josh Hutcherson!

    Cat: That was Justice?! I asked for his autograph!

    Marley: This is what I love about you guys!

    Ali: We are so cray cray!

    Cat: True dat!

    • In Mexico*

    Marley: I'm gonna go shopping for dresses for the concert tonight. Who's coming?

    Ali & Tay Tay: ME!

    Marley: Let's go.

    • At a store*

    Marley: This girl on the wanted poster looks like me!

    Chashier: SECURITY! I FOUND HER!

    • Secruity Takes Marley*


    Tay Tay & Ali: *Beats up security guards*

    Ali: BA BAM! *Goes to different store*

    Tay Tay: I like this…

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