Ali: Im so bored, i cant wait for our Tour tho! :)

Marley: Same, it'll be rosstastic!

Claire: Um lol are you trending that or something?

Marley: Maybe.. :P

Taytay: Hey guys! Whats going on?

Claire: Not much sistah!! *does handshake with Taytay*

Gigi: Guys i gotta go, my mom is making a party for our first Tour!!!

Marley: Really??!??! Thats awesome!

Gigi: Guess whos gonna be there?

Everyone: Who?

Gigi: Laura Marano and Ross Lynch!!!! :D

Everyone: :O


  • Megan Simms walks in*

Megan: Hey guys! Hey Ali i need to do a photoshoot  and a articles for you, for CHEETAH BEAT!!!!

Ali: Really?????!?!?!?!? Just me?

Megan: Yup.

Ali: THATS ROSSOME!!! When do we start?

Megan: Right now! The photograhpers and writers are outside right now!! :)

  • Ali and Megan go outside*

Ali: Okay do i need to get ready?

Megan: Yea! Go into that dressing room and get changed:)

Images (77)

Ali's First Oulfit.

Photograhpers: Shes ready! *start taking pics*

Megan:  Okay girlie, time for your 2nd oulfit!! :)

Ali: Alrighty!:)

Photographers: Shes ready again! *start taking pics again*

Megan: Awesome Oulfits Ali! :D

Ali: Thanks!!! :D

Megan: Time for yours 3rd!!

Ali: Ok! :)

Photographers: Another pictures!! *takes pictures*

Megan: Ok, so your article will be done in a week! See ya later Ali-Gator! 

Ok hope you like it! This is for redeming my Adminship! :)

Images (81)

The Latest Issue!

Images (80)

Ali's 2nd Oulfit!

Images (79)

Ali's 3rd Oulfit!:)

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